French-German Graduate School on Hybrid Organic- Inorganic Nanostructures and Molecular Electronics

Summer School : Molecular switches at the nanoscale Mittelwihr 4-9 Sept. 2016

The summer school will be devoted to molecular switches that are interesting systems for both organic electronics and organic spintronics, with potential applications in the field of memories, sensors, displays or multifunctional devices. From this point of view, devices including single molecules may be viewed as building blocks for the future devices of technologies of information and communication, and should be of benefit regarding miniaturization, energy consumption, speed and multifunctionality. However, it is now well recognized that the elaboration of such devices would combine “bottom-up” and “top-down” approaches in order to set up such nanometric hybrid objects and connect them to the macroscopic world. The present school will allow to define basic principles in order to understand their chemical and physical properties, as well as their use in devices. Switches involving the spin will be discussed in detail. Phenomena occurring at nanometric scale and at organic/ inorganic interfaces will be described in connection with properties of (multi-)functional devices.

The pedagogical content will include lectures, discussion between speakers and participants, and poster session where participants will present their research interest and activities.

The school addresses in priority PhD students, post-docs and young scientists.